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I just completed the ITTP TEFL Online 100 hour Integrative Online course and here is my feedback.

I do just want to add that I took the course on the back of a friend who took the course previously, so ITTP for me wasn’t a complete blind experience.

Positives: The application procedure went very smoothly. I felt the application form questions were relevant and it only took a few days between submitting the application form online and being accepted to the course, with plenty of communication from the ITTP admin in between. There was a slight hiccup making my payment, but this was the fault of my bank and not ITTP (I didn’t know that my bank has in place an automatic block when I try and make an overseas payment). Very reassuring was that within 24 hours of my payment made I received my welcome email package from ITTP, together with my login password for the course. Communication was always prompt and professional. The course itself was very good and much more in depth than I had initially expected and made me realize all the complexities of teaching English to someone who had little or no English language skills. Logically thought out and very easy to follow (for someone like me especially who doesn’t have a lot of online study experience). My online tutor (Joe) was very attentive and helped me through any difficult sections of the course with helpful prompts. Received my certificate at the end of the course and this was a satisfactory certificate for my employer where I now teach English full-time. I thought it might be useful to ask ITTP for a reference letter in the case that I might change jobs in future and this wasn’t an issue for the ITTP admin.

Negatives: It transpires that I paid more for the course than my friend, because Matt applied and paid when they were running a course discount. I knew nothing of this and felt a little gutted that my course cost $100 more than his did (both receiving exactly the same course and services). Also, I felt that at times the course relied too much on intuitive knowledge and in particular in Module 5 I had to ask my tutor many times for his help and support to get through the module. Admittedly I did only come across this wall in the 5th module. I found this module very difficult and I breathed a huge lug of air when I completed it and progressed to Module 6. My tutor was a star, but communication at the weekends was a bit hit and miss.

Overall I can definitely recommend the ITTP TEFL Online course and the certificate has served me well. I know I can contact ITTP at any time for further support and this for me is worth its weight in gold. Just watch out for that 5th Module! 🙂

Casey P.


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teaching English abroad has been an experience of a lifetime for me and ittp helped me on my way so much and I am so glad I went ahead with this course. I took the all inclusive course with ittp and this gave me the necessary on-site equivalent tefl/tesol certification. There are many courses out there and I can’t objectively say if ittp are the best or not – because I never took a tefl course before so I can’t compare – but I have studied online before and I found the ittp online course to be extremely user-friendly and my tutor was extremely helpful.

the only negative which I have of the course is that sometimes my online tutor took a bit longer in responding to my emails – sometimes almost 2 days went by without a response. Most of the time I received a very fast email response – within 4 or 5 hours – but it was at the weekends when I sometimes experienced the delay.

overall I completely recommend the ittp online course and I have done since to friends, who have since signed up and begun the same course which I studied with ittp. 5 stars!



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when I initially signed up for this course I was a little concerned due to general opinions on the web about online tefl courses, but Neville assured me that I would have no difficulties using my certification abroad so I went ahead and signed up for the ITTP 130 hour All Inclusive Online course[].I was initially attracted to the ITTP program because of favorable reviews on this website and also because my communication with Neville at ITTP was very encouraging and with quick responses to my questions.The whole application process from the minute I submitted online took just 24 hours and within 36 hours of first sending off my online application form I had received official confirmation of my place on the course, received my student password and login codes, and I had begun getting my teeth into the first module content of the course.1 word of warning to anyone thinking an online course will be a breeze: it wasn’t.I found the course very demanding at times, but this was a positive for me because I felt that I was working for the money which I had paid and that I was definitely getting my money’s worth.I really loved the course layout and my Tutor interaction with Veronika was excellent[just like my previous communication with Neville had been].So, I made it through the 12 Modules, got my certificate in the post a week later[this was December 2013]and I’m now writing this from the hell hole that is Dubai international airport as I wait for my connecting flight to Nagoya – where I will begin teaching from next Monday.All thanks to Neville, Veronika, and my ITTP certificate.Thanks so much ITTP and I’m going to recommend to my school that they contact ITTP when they need more teachers because I really feel prepared now to teach after just 4 weeks of online TEFL tuition so that’s a plus for any school looking for teachers, and I totally recommend the ITTP All Inclusive Online course package as a whole.

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The ITTP TEFL Online 60 hour Fast Track course definitely ticked all the right boxes for me and as a non native English speaker with Spanish and Portuguese as my mother tongue, I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to take this course in the first place. Since completing the course and earning my TESOL certificate with ITTP doors of opportunity have opened for me which otherwise would have been unattainable without this certification under my belt, and the direct result of taking this course led to my employment application being accepted by one of the major language schools in Rio de Janeiro where I begin teaching early 2014. It’s a dream come true for me.